Self isolation and social distancing has meant the ability to go where we choose and do what we want has been reduced massively. We’ve all been forced to adapt and think beyond the norm, experiencing a time unlike anything like it for generations.

For those of us that enjoy being active, the potential to fall off the healthy wagon is all too real and we need to get creative. We can still get out and walk, jog, or cycle in the open air (which I strongly encourage) helping maintain our mental and cardio vascular health.

The internet is full of ready made workouts and classes available to those looking for a simple exercise fix. As a trainer, the situation has forced me to adapt rapidly; to keep pace and still be here to guide and motivate you all onward.

The internet has brought fantastic video technology to connect us all wherever we may be, so physical limitations no longer apply. As a community player, I’ve introduced free online classes for all on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. These group sessions allow everyone to join in, and hopefully enjoy burning some calories whilst improving strength and mobility.

But for those of you looking for more focused accountability, one to one video training sessions could be your answer. All you need is a solid internet connection, free software, a bit of space and minimal equipment (all available from Amazon relatively inexpensively).

You won’t need this much space! Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash

These sessions are proving incredibly popular & effective while social distancing. They can be a fitness lifeline during testing times.

Of course, these new style sessions are also relevant beyond the current safety practices. For example, professionals that have limited time to get to the gym; busy parents juggling work, family, and their own health; or those that find gyms intimidating or unappealing.

Anyone can now have the benefit of a trainer wherever they happen to be, even with social distancing.

So in essence, Don’t get locked down! Get motivated! Get in touch if this struck a chord with you.

Stay safe everybody.

Want to find out more, or ready to get started? Get in touch to discuss.

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