The Reality of Healthy Living

The Reality of Healthy Living and ‘Getting in Shape’

If, like many, the events of the pandemic (or long periods of enjoying the finer things too much) have left you googling ‘getting in shape’, don’t feel guilty. I’ve been a PT for years. I’ve been through my own ‘stuff’ and am guilty of not putting my health first, finding I was a bit softer […]

11 Exercises without Equipment to do at Home

Exercises without equipment? No problem. Whether you’re missing your local gym, finding isolation encourages bad habits, aching to do some weights, or feel the burn in a group exercise studio – we can always find ways to workout. It’s hard to imagine but people managed to be strong and fit long before gyms were around. […]

Online Fitness Coaching – what is it & why use it?

First, let’s talk about why you might use online fitness coaching. For some people, the thought of personal training can be scary and intimidating. Or, there may be a budgetary reason preventing them from enjoying the many benefits of hiring a trainer. Others may be hitting the gym regularly, but in a rut. So, what […]